We offer our partners multiple bonuses and benefits for participation in our Partnership program.

All you need to do is just type your contact information, and we will generate special affiliate link to you, that you can share with future XMN clients to receive 7% bonus from our referral's investments.

Congrats! Here are your special referral link:

Affiliate partner already exist, here is referral link:

Being a member of Xmoneta, you will have a
unique reference link, which you can share with
your contacts or friends on different social
media. Everyone, who will click it, will be redi-
rected to our website and get 3% bonus, as well as you will get 7% bonus for every new contact.

Giving away 5 Iphone X

Three iPhones X are going to be distributed to the TOP 3 affiliates, and two are going to be randomly assigned to
two affiliates in the TOP 50

If less than 50 affiliates bring any ETH then the lottery will be con- ducted between the affiliates, who brought results. The more you share, the more rewards you will get in the end!

    There are different ways how to participate
    in our program and get bonuses:

  • Invite anyone who wish to invest in the project
  • Promote us by writing about ICO in your blog
  • Publish a referral link in social media, forums and communities
  • Run contextual advertising, while using your referral link

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